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The Mars Motel Story

Mars Motel is a dream-rock band from Brooklyn, NY with an immersive sound encompassing 1990’s Britpop, early 2000’s NYC rock scene, and--most recently--a cosmic dreamscape sound that echoes notes of Radiohead, Pink Floyd, and The War on Drugs.

Well before the official creation of Mars Motel in 2017, the music began as a series of psychedelic bedroom demos written by singer/guitarist Sarik Kumar during his last year of high school. For almost 10 years, the demos were left on an old computer and largely forgotten until the summer of 2016 when Kumar rediscovered them while visiting his childhood home in Long Island. This rediscovery inspired Kumar to form Mars Motel, launching a new project with old roots.

Determined to bring this world back to life, Kumar brought the demos to producer Tommy Eichmann at Mission Sound in Brooklyn, NY where they reworked them into five singles that combined a dreamy 90s nostalgia with a reverb heavy, guitar-driven wall of sound. These singles, including standout tracks “Green” and “Living in the Moment,” were released over the course of 2017 and early 2018 and culminated with the release of “The Eclipse Sessions.” An EP featuring live recordings of select singles and two unreleased B sides, “The Eclipse Sessions” were recorded on and named after the “Great American Eclipse” of 2017, a total solar eclipse that spanned the entire contiguous United States.

Throughout 2018, Mars Motel performed numerous shows across New York City, including a sold out show at Mercury Lounge. At the same time, they were writing their debut album “Passenger X.” Produced and arranged by Sarik Kumar, the 8-song album was recorded at Virtue & Vice Studios with engineer Rocky Gallo in Brooklyn, NY. Scheduled to release in late 2019, the album shows a significantly evolved sound that is in turns dark, hypnotic, and otherworldly. At its essence, “Passenger X” is a series of outsider love songs from the perspective of the “other”--aliens, migrants, strangers-- and explores the universal need for connection despite boundaries.


Vocals, Guitar / Sarik Kumar
Bass / Justin Lieberthal
Guitar / Wes W. Wynne
Drums / Craig Stauber